Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oh no they didn't--stage 8

"Among the GC contenders" has gotta be the catch phrase
for the '07 Tour. And indeed, among the GC contenders...
i think they will continue to hold their cards close to their
chest--in fact, it's looking like, among them... no one will
be making a decisive move until much later..

Indeed, i'm beginning to think that a bold move is inevitable..
once they get to the Vuelta... and that's where we'll see a vicious
attack to wrestle the yellow away from.....some new kid who's only
had a team bike for about a year and a half...

Of course, this is all just front hub gazing, and shouldn't over-
shadow the events of todays' stage 8, where the action,
along with the riding dialogue, certainly ratched up a few notches,
indeed, among the GC contenders... a vicious attack broke out
concerning the relative merits of Campagnolo vs. Shimano, and
then, just when it looked like it was going to be a draw, Iban
Mayo suggested to Moreau that Sram shouldn't be dismissed..
and while all that was going on, Rasmussen, using his own
tongue to poke a dot in his cheek, said, " i'll catch up with
you guys later-- i'm gonna go and preride the course"..

And with that he was off, a lone rider enjoying the scenery
with just himself and a team car--the Alps really are beautiful
this time of year.....

Race wise, my favorite part of todays' stage actually occurred
afterwards, when Leipheimer was asked the enivatable
question, "So... what's it like to have a dick in your ass?"

the answer: "Well, it's not what you hope for, but we're a
strong team and we didn't lose too much ground, there's
always pressure, and this time, it just came from a different
direction..." or something like that.

'Twere it me---i'd be getting big big big
air jumping up and down in one spot
screaming "mutherfucker-mutherfucker-mutherfucker!!!!"

I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks and i don't...
well....that and their level of training and fitness..

Oh, well... no big, i've got other goals....
like....soigneur for the Lipton women's team....